GIS Classes at Penn State

notes Department Course Number Course Title offered FA15? location Prof/Instructor Email Short Course Description
  ANTH 421 Intro to Geospatial Science in Anthropology and Archaeology no n/a n/a   This course is a practical, data driven, introduction to applications of Geospatial tools in anthropological and archaeological research.
  ANTH 431 Advanced Geospatial Science for Anthropologists and Archaeologists no n/a n/a   This course is an intensive, data driven, treatment of the use of geographic information systems in anthropological and archaeological research.
  ASM 309 (E R M 309) Measurement & Monitoring of Hydrologic Systems yes UP Heather Gall Introduction to measurement and monitoring equipment/techniques commonly used in analyses and design of hydrologic systems.
  CE 310 Surveying yes UP Brian Naberezny Fundamental surveying measurements, traverse computations, coordinate geometry, mapping, GPS and GIS, circular and parabolic curves, earthwork, boundary surveys, CAD applications.
  CE 422 Transportation Planning yes UP VENKATARAMAN SHANKAR Transportation systems planning, programming, and management; modeling and simulation, data collection, analysis, and forecasting.
  ERM 309 [see ASM 309] yes UP Heather Gall  
  FOR 255 GPS and GIS Applications for Natural Resources Professionals YES UP Marc Eric Mcdill, Brent Harding, Julian Avery,, Using Global Positioning Systems (GPS) and Geographic Information Systems(GIS) for mapping and ...
  FOR 455 Remote Sensing and Spatial Data Handling no (will be SP15) UP Doug Miller Remote sensing systems, with emphasis on application to forest ecosystem analysis. Includes introduction to computer systems for spatial data handling.
Mont Alto FORT 110 Forest Inventories No       Application of forest mensuration, mapping, GIS, sampling, and statistical analysis to the inventory of forest resources.
Mont Alto FORT 230 Aerial Photo Interpretation YES   Peter Linehan  Aerial photo interpretation techniques applied to land management inventories, mapping, road location, and procurement.
Mont Alto FORT 260 GIS for Natural Resources Management No       Geographic Information Systems technology including mapping and GIS datamanagement procedures with ...
resident, online, eLearning GEOG 160 Mapping Our Changing World YES UP (resident) Sterling Quinn Fundamental concepts of GIS, cartography, remote sensing, and GPS in the context of environmental and social problems.
resident, online, eLearning GEOG 160 Mapping Our Changing World YES eLearning - UP, WD, BD, BK, CL, DS, MK, SL  Alan MacEachren  
resident, online, eLearning GEOG 160 Mapping Our Changing World YES MA Peter Linehan   
not taught at UP (lab only) GEOG 161 Applied Geographic Information Systems YES BD Mike Naber An introduction to GIS (Geographic Information Systems) with emphasis onapplications and analysis.
not taught at UP (lab only) GEOG 161 Applied Geographic Information Systems YES MA Peter Linehan   
not taught (will be dropped) GEOG 323 GIS and Social Theory NO       Critical understanding of how to use GIS and tools of regional analysisin the context of postmodern social theory
UP GEOG 361 Cartography--Maps and Map Construction YES UP Fritz Kessler The art and science of creating small-scale maps as a medium for communication and research.
UP GEOG 362 Image Analysis YES UP Guido Cervone  
AA, BD, UP GEOG 363 Geographic Information Systems YES AA Tim Dolney Principles and use of geographic information; emphasis is on data acquisitionand techniques for computer-aided analysis.
UP GEOG 363 Geographic Information Systems YES UP Morteza Karimzadeh  
UP GEOG 364 Spatial Analysis YES UP Justine Blanford Geographic measurement, scaling, and classification; analysis of spatial pattern and structure; geographic covariation and autocorrelation.
UP GEOG 461W Dynamic Cartographic Representation YES UP Alan MacEachren Theory and practice of mapping and geo-representation in a dynamic media context. Applications in science, policy, travel, and education.
UP GEOG 463 Geospatial Information Management no (will be SP15) UP Donna Peuquet This course examines geospatial data representations and algorithmic techniques that apply to spatially-organized data in digital form.
UP GEOG 464 Analysis and GIS no (will be SP15) UP Justine Blanford Skills and knowledge for applying quantitative methods to analyze information with spatial distributions.
UP GEOG 467 Applied Cartographic Design YES UP Cindy Brewer Project-based map production problems with emphasis on map design and advanced mapping tools in geographic information systems.
hasn't been offered in a long time GEOG 468 Geographic Information Systems Design and Evaluation no       This course teaches GIS design, project management and communication skills and an appreciation of the ethical, legal and social issues surrounding maps, GIS and geographical data.
part of online ESPBA program; phasing out UP section GEOG 469 Energy Industry Applications of GIS YES WD/UP Ron Santini Roles of geographic information systems in energy siting decisions focusingon electric energy transmission networks.
Online Geospatial Portfolio - GEOG 479 Cyber-Geography in Geospatial Intelligence YES WD  Mike Thomas Geospatial intelligence analysis of the geographic aspects of cyber data and observables, products for decision making, and impact of change.
Online Geospatial Portfolio - GEOG 480 Exploring Imagery and Elevation Data in GIS Applications YES WD  Karen Schuckman Using imagery and terrain data in typical application scenarios faced by the geospatial professional.
Online Geospatial Portfolio - GEOG 481 Topographic Mapping with Lidar YES WD  Mike Renslow Using airborne topographic lidar to create evaluation models for GIS applications.
Online Geospatial Portfolio - GEOG 482 The Nature of Geographic Information YES WD  Jim Sloan, Ryan Baxter, Orientation to the properties of geographic data and the practice of distance learning.
Online Geospatial Portfolio - GEOG 483 Problem-Solving with GIS YES WD  Beth King, Michelle Zeiders, How geographic information systems facilitate data analysis andcommunication to address common geographic problems.
Online Geospatial Portfolio - GEOG 484 GIS Database Development YES WD  Michelle Zeiders, Jim Sloan, Database design, creation, maintenance, and data integration using desktopGIS software.
Online Geospatial Portfolio - GEOG 485 GIS Programming and Customization YES WD  James O'Brien, Jan Wallgrun, Customizing GIS software to extend its built-in functionality and toautomate repetitive tasks.
Online Geospatial Portfolio - GEOG 486 Cartography and Visualization YES WD  Adrienne Gruver Theory and practice of cartographic design emphasizing effective visual thinking and visual communication with geographic information systems.
Online Geospatial Portfolio - GEOG 487 Environmental Applications of GIS YES WD  Joe Bishop Real-world applications of GIS and spatial analysis to investigate a varietyof current environmental issues.
Online Geospatial Portfolio - GEOG 488 Acquiring and Integrating Geospatial Data NO       Advanced technical, legal, ethical and institutaional problems related to data acquisition for geospatial information systems.
Online Geospatial Portfolio - GEOG 489 GIS Application Development NO       Advanced topics in GIS customization, including the Systems DevelopmentLife Cycle, packaging and deployment, and consuming Web services.
Online Geospatial Portfolio - GEOG 495C Supervision and Mentoring on demand WD varies   Candidates for the Master of GIS degree sponsor a GIS-related internship for students in Penn State's resident undergraduate program.
UP-used for on-campus GIScience internships GEOG 495G Giscience Internship on demand UP varies   Supervised research experience within the Department of Geography's GeoVISTA Center, Gould Center, or an appropriate external agency.
special topics vary by semester GEOG 497A Advanced Geographic Information Systems Modeling YES UP Clio Andris Advanced GIS class focuses on data analysis: multi-step operations, problemsolving, scenario ...
special topics vary by semester GEOG 497B Fundamentas of Photogrammetry and Aerial Mapping YES UP Karen Schuckman This course introduces the GIS user to the science of making precise measurements and accurate base maps from aerial imagery.
special topics vary by semester GEOG 497C GIS For Transportation: Principles, Data, and Applications no       This course examines the use of GIS principles, data, and applications thathave been ...
Online Geospatial Portfolio - GEOG 497I Critical Geospatial Thinking: The Fundamentals YES WD Dennis Bellafiore  
UP; topics vary by instructor GEOG 560 Seminar in Geographic Information Science, section 1  YES UP Clio Andris Interpersonal Relations GIS
UP; topics vary by instructor GEOG 560 Seminar in Geographic Information Science, section 2 YES UP Guido Cervone Remote Sensing of Natural Hazards
Online Geospatial Portfolio - GEOG 583 Geospatial System Analysis and Design YES WD  George Chaplin Systematic approach to requirements acquisition, specification, design and implementation of geospatial information systems.
Online Geospatial Portfolio - GEOG 584 Geospatial Technology Project Management YES WD  Peter Croswell, Pat Kennelly  
Online Geospatial Portfolio - GEOG  586 Geographic Information Analysis YES WD Justine Blanford  
Online Geospatial Portfolio - GEOG 587 Conservation GIS YES WD Joe Bishop  
Online Geospatial Portfolio - GEOG  588 Planning GIS for Emergency Management YES WD Anthony Robinson  
Online Geospatial Portfolio - GEOG 594A Culminating Experiences in Geospatial Intelligence YES WD Todd Bacastow  
Online Geospatial Portfolio - GEOG 597I Special Topics in Geospatial Intelligence Futures (Critical Geospatial Thinking & Applications) YES WD George Van Otten  
Online Geospatial Portfolio - GEOG 863 GIS Mashups for Geospatial Professionals YES WD Jim Detwiler
Online Geospatial Portfolio - GEOG 882 Geographic Foundations of Geospatial Intelligence YES WD Greg Thomas, Mark Corson,
Online Geospatial Portfolio - GEOG 883 Remote Sensing for the Geospatial Intelligence Professional YES WD Karen Schuckman  
Online Geospatial Portfolio - GEOG 884 Geographic Information Systems for the Geospatial Intelligence Professional YES WD Kevin Stofan  
Online Geospatial Portfolio - GEOG 885 Advanced Analytic Methods in Geospatial Intelligence YES WD Steve Handwerk  
Online Geospatial Portfolio - GEOG 897D Spatial Database Management for Geospatial Professionals YES WD Jim Sloan  
  LARCH 311/321 Design and Theory III: Regional Planning and Landscape Systems YES UP Larry Gorenflo, Neil Korostoff, Frans Padt,, An introduction to site planning, management, and design.
  LARCH 450 Geodesign: Geospatial Technology for Design No       Interactive geodesign and digital design studio.
  SOILS 422 Natural Resources Conservation and Community Sustainability No       Conservation, land-use, and community (soil, water, air, plants, animals, and humans) impacting quality of life and sense of place.
  SOILS 450 Environmental Geographic Information Systems Yes UP Rick Lane Day Use of geographic information systems (GIS) and digital spatial databases to characterize landscapes for environmental assessment and management.
  SUR 362 Introduction to Geospatical Information Engineering no       Basic concepts in geographic information engineering; spatial reference frame-works; map and text data; digital environments; software and hardware plat-forms
  SUR 422 Digital Photogrammetry no       Mathematical methods for processing digital imagery, creating digital elevation models and ortho-photographs, and applications in spatial data infrastructure.
  SUR 462 Parcel-Based Geospatial Information Systems Yes Wilkes-Barre Francis Derby Acquisition processing of land parcel data; development of land information system and applications in geospatial information technology.
  ANTH 001 Introductory Anthropology     Kirk French Introductory Anthropology (3) Prehistoric and traditional peoples and cultures; traditional customs and institutions compared with those of modern society.
  ANTH 002 Introduction to Archaeology     Kirk French Survey of basic approaches used by archaeologists to interpret basic prehistoric human cultural patterns.
  ANTH 011 (web) Introductory North American Archaeology     Kirk French Introduction to archaeology of the North American Indians; sites, methods, and results of research interpreted in cultural history.
  ANTH 146 (web) North American Indians     Kirk French An introduction to the cultures of the indigenous peoples of North America, north of Mexico, and the effect of contact.
  ANTH 428 Archaeological Methods and Theory     Kirk French Scientific methods as applied to archaeological data: evolution, ecology, diffusion, and cyclicism theory.
  GEOG  313 Introduction to Field Geography     Gian Rocco    
special topics vary by semester; may be a cross-listing of GEOG 560, sec 002 GEOSC 597I Use of Cyberinfrastructure for Remote Sensing of Natural Hazards YES UP Guido Cervone?? This seminar class is tailored to students of Geography, Geoscience, Meteorology and Earth Science. It will focus on advanced CyberScience techniques for analyzing remote sensing data to study natural hazards. Several expert speakers will be invited throughout the class to discuss advanced topics.
  EME 810 Solar Resource Assessment and Economics (web)     Jeffery Brownson Methods, economic criteria, and meteorological background for assessing the solar resource with respect to solar energy conversion technologies.
  EGEE 437 Design of Solar Energy Conversion Systems     Jeffery Brownson A review of fundamental concepts in solar energy conversion including photovoltaic (PV) and solar thermal conversion systems.
  LARCH 241 Ecological Principles for Landscape Design     Andy Cole The development of basic ecological knowledge that becomes the basis for sensitive ecological design.
  LARCH 311 Design and Theory III: Regional Planning and Landscape Systems YES UP Larry Gorenflo  
  LARCH 424 Ecology and Field Identification of Central Appalachian Flora     Andy Cole this seminar provides a vehicle for rigorous and structured exploration of the theoretical and philosophical issues that face landscape architectural designers and planners.
  LARCH 424 Restoration Ecology     Andy Cole this seminar provides a vehicle for rigorous and structured exploration of the theoretical and philosophical issues that face landscape architectural designers and planners.
cross-list with E E 477 METEO 477 Fundamentals of Remote Sensing Systems YES UP Tim Kane    
  SOILS 403 Soil Morphology Practicum     Patrick Drohan Students develop field skills to describe soil morphology, classify soils, and make land use interpretations.
  SOILS 404 Urban Soils     Patrick Drohan This course introduces the student to natural and human-influenced soils.
  SOILS 416 Soil Genesis, Classification, and Mapping     Patrick Drohan Lecture and laboratory course on the genesis of soils, their classification, mapping, and interpretation for land use.
  SOILS 497A [not in bulletin]     Patrick Drohan Field trip to study the genesis, classification, and geomorphology of the major soils of the northeastern United States.
  SOILS 497D [not in bulletin]     Patrick Drohan  
  SOILS 516 Soil Genesis     Patrick Drohan  
  EME 460 Geo-resource Evaluation and Investment Analysis     Antonio Nieto The course covers engineering evaluation of geo-resources, present value and rate of return analysis, mineral property and reserve estimation, and cost estimation and engineering economy concepts applied to geo-resources including energy and minerals.
  MNG 596 Individual Studies     Antonio Nieto Creative projects, including nonthesis research, which are supervised on an individual basis and which fall outside the scope of formal courses.
  EME 581 Research and Geostatistics Methods     Antonio Nieto Presents methods essential for the conduct and analysis of scientific research and spatial characterization in energy and mineral engineering disciplines.
  GEOEE 406 [not in bulletin]     Antonio Nieto  
  MNG 451W Mining Engineering Project     Antonio Nieto Independent and integrative design and report of specific mine evaluation, layout, equipment selection, environmental control, permitting, and financial analysis.
  MNG 401 Introduction to Mining Operations     Antonio Nieto An introduction to underground and surface mining methods; selection of extraction equipment; relevant auxiliary operations. Not intended for Mining Engineering majors.
  MNG 412 Mineral Property Evaluation     Antonio Nieto Ore reserve estimation using statistics and geostatistics, mine cost estimation, engineering economy concepts applied to mineral deposits.
  MNG 441 Surface Mining Systems and Design     Antonio Nieto Design of surface mining for noncoal and coal minerals; emphasis on quarry and strip mining planning parameters: unit operations, systems, haulroads, draglines, spoil stability, reclamation, legal requirements, and health and safety.
  PLSC 597B Political Geography YES UP Xun Cao  
Mont Alto FORT 140 Forest Surveying         Plane surveying including hand compass and survey equipment, map reading, deed and title research, land descriptions and property line location.
  GEOSC 470W Introduction to Field Geology         Field interpretation of geologic features; principles and techniques of geologic mapping; interpretation of geologic maps and diagrams. This course has one or more required field trips for which a fee is charged to the student.
  ARCH 499C Urban Studies Topics         A presentation of the history of Rome through the medium of its maps and walking tours of the city.
  CE 209 Fundamentals of Surveying         Fundamental surveying measurements, traverse computations, coordinate geometry, mapping, CAD applications. Intended for architectural engineering students. (The lecture will be taught concurrently with C E 211.)
['figurative' mapping!] ENGL 404 Mapping Identity, Difference, and Place         Ethnicity, gender, class, race with reference to theoretical inquiry into identity, difference, and place in English-language literatures.
  WILDL 211 Aerial Photo Interpretation         Techniques of photo interpretation; type mapping of wildlife environments; photo censusing of wild animals.
  EM SC 441 Advanced Science Diving         Advanced scuba diving skills applied to underwater data collection and research.
  WFS 310 Wildlife and Fisheries Measurements         Introduction to field and laboratory approaches for collecting, analyzing, and communicating data regarding wildlife and fish populations and their habitats.
Geodesign courses                
  GEODZ 511 Geodesign History, Theory, Principles Yes World Campus Stephen Paul Mainzer  
  GEODZ 822 Geodesign Models I: Evaluation and Decision Yes World Campus David Goldberg  
  GEODZ 826 GeoDesign Models III: Representation and Change Yes World Campus Stephen Paul Mainzer